Available for work

Crafting products

that strike a chord

with people

Crafting products that strike a chord with people

I'm Erol, senior product designer helping startups build products 0 to 1. Making websites in Framer, and writing about design on Twitter.

Like writing a catchy song that gets stuck in your head!


Platform designed for modern social sellers to make acquiring leads via DMs easy, quick, and scalable.

Coming soon


Platform that provides convenient access to equity stories and investor relations for millions of investors

Coming soon


Mogul streamlines music industry entrepreneurship by offering a centralized platform for managing artists, music releases, analytics, payments, and legal matters.

Coming soon


Sematext provides all-in-one monitoring solutions for DevOps teams to detect and troubleshoot production and performance issues with logs, metrics, synthetic and real user monitoring.

Coming soon


Pay33 is a European mobility card and banking app that lets you charge your electric vehicle, get cashback for shopping, and save up to €800 per year on auto expenses and mobility costs.

Under NDA


Skiper is a platform that lets you create wishlists and share them with others to contribute financially. You can choose from pre-defined products or add custom ones.

Coming soon

Available for work